Monday, 27 March 2017

EVALUATION 3 'How does your media product represent particular social groups?'

Printing and publishing is usually ran by large company,  there are many of these Meredith, ICP and Time inc to name a few these companies create media for a public audience, Bauer is a European media group known for its music publications, the most well known being Mojo the classic rock magazine, Kerrang  the wacky magazine focusing on alt and heavy rock/metal and Q the  said to be “UK biggest magazine” featuring a vast genera of modern and old These magazines are not fully mainstream; they can be purchased in a variety of stores since they wanted to reach a large audience . Bauer would be appropriate because of its mass amount of popular publications. However magazines like Kerrang and Mojo are usually have clustered and busy covers and contents yet I made a more artsy minimalist magazine yet tried to also have a short catchy name, however these 2 magazines are aimed at a similar age range and to wards people who wouldn’t be considered main stream yet are still different tastes to the music to the music that would feature  ‘Stash’,

 Kerrang Mojo and Q  also feature many adverts which may also be target at my indented audience so the same advertising deal Bauer have can still successfully work, out of the many publishing companies  Bauer would be the most lightly to  publish “Stash” because of its other magazines . the experience from this successful and experienced company would benefit me allot, however they might be to similar and they might not want to publish it however the is a gap in Bauer printing market.

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