Saturday, 18 March 2017

DRAFT ev 6

Photoshop: this was essential and was installed college Mac I used this to create the majority of my media product/magazine. I learnt  allot about Photoshop in GCSE Media  learning about editing and manipulating images to suite what I want,  this was a great skill for this year and through out the cores I developed theses skills even more all 3 of the pages (cover, content and double page) were created using Photoshop CS6 and CC2017 ( a trial I used at home), most of may pages where consistent of many many layers which all come together to form one piece (the double page had the most since it needed allot of white bars to highlight each row of text and there was allot of images and borders), whilst toiling with the soft where I found my self quickly getting once more adjusted to the program  even with my  limited experience I still managed to learn of some features and tools I previously did not

Camera: A Canon 40D with a Helios 44m-2 58mm lens in Soviet Russia was used for all my photography, however for the preliminaries I used a much more available Nikon D3200 camera and the simper location of a artificial lighted white walled studio,  which I found was lacking in a certain feel connected with my genera and didn't capture natural light as well as I wanted so I used the Canon for my real piece, this allowed me to use a high quality image which did not need that much contrast/saturation editing (since the camera shots where just right and did not need tweaking) and they also did not loose any quality when they where enlarged and exported, the use of the out side and the old lenses allowed a natural and yet professional standard  of image, which met the need of the specification and also the needs of my target audience/demographic. 

Online sites and programs: I used a variety of different online resources and web pages when creating my research and final product, I mainly used blogger to create my coursework blog and keep up to date by checking teacher blogs for deadline dates, this mainly allowed me to post allot about research, it also helped me plan out my next steps by re reading my research and inspecting audience needs. I also used many websites to research such as Google, UrbanDictionary and Thesaurus.comI also used Da Font to download more specialized type faces that would fit better with the theme and on the page, UK Tribes a channel 4 web site which categorizes youth culture (I disagree with it but helpful none the less) which is where I did the main research for my target audience there likes and dislikes ect I first looked at all the categories and took some from each section which I thought would enjoy my magazine I then condensed the target audience into the more simply understood ‘young alts’ and ‘scensters which where the embodiment of my audience . I also used the Mac office word and PowerPoint (yet also used Microsoft at home) to insert and type up most of my research and also to clearly see the article I wrote before I split it up and formed it on to my double page, I also typed most of all my blog posts into these programs before posting to ensure all spelling was checked, I then used scribd to insert the word documents on to my blog by uploaded them onto my blogger by embedding them to a post. Animoto was used  to create videos on my blog  such as my pitch about my magazine which coincided with the uses of Google forms to get feed back about my magazine from my audience. For transport I used Drop Box and the Drive to allow photos to be used on any computer (I also used a USB),  for some of my evaluations I used Prezie and the voice recorder on my Samsung j5 Phone.    

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