Saturday, 18 March 2017

DRAFT ev 5

I attracted my audience in many  ways. I did this through my researching and planning regarding their  interests from the start.
My colour scheme is simple and neutral the reoccurring colour is a light green this running theme of my magazine keeps it bright and engaging to attract readers, the offbeat colour can also connote the theme of music and convey that it is not mainstream. On a Google Forms survey I found that only ¼ of the responses where from females therefore I aimed it at a male audience yet is still easily enjoyable for both sexes., 100% of the answers where by people who where atlases aged over 15  (however my age bracket in the question was vague since it was 15-19 so the majority of answers where probably from people who where 17 and above) my target audience is 16-24 and wouldn't really suite any other ages since the majority of the bands featured can be explicit and people who are above 24 don't have allot of time to read or listed to music. The model used, images used and stance are specifically chosen to engaged my target audience and creating a product that readers will look for with innovative and eye catching content. The photos were taken on a 40D Canon with a Helios 44m-2 58mm lens. I tried to balance the focus to intake a large view whilst also using rapid fire to sort through many different shots and slight position movement of the models, I didn't change the photos that much after they had been taken since the light on the 2 days of shooting had been adequate and I wanted a raw vintage feel to my magazine and not obviously over exposed or high saturation shots that where obviously tampered with and less natural . I considered a fish eye lens yet after borrowing one and trying a few test shot I found whilst it would allow for a large field of view so the 3 models could spread out more it appeared stretched and unnatural which may of detoured my audience. The cloths worn by the models where also planned out even though the models used usually dressed in a similar manor I wanted them to carry a cross a stronger image my audience could identify with, and allowing  the clothes to fit and embody the genre of my music magazine is specific too. I achieved this by making my models wear enforced stereotypical clothes related with youth culture and a vintage and punk grunge genre, like skating hoody's, Converse All-stars, flannel shirts and Doc Martens (giving some what of a 90’s feel). I do however feel the problem with it being monthly and only featuring one picture on the front may some months not appeal to my wider audience such as if it featured a very small local band or an all female band (which the viewer may not like or feel it is not aimed at them) this would cause each issue to be different and that is good y however since the cover is the first thing seen by a possible reader having images that are hit and miss each month could loose sales.

My images is also very specific to my audience it appears very urban and grunge like yet still holds some band camaraderie and positioning so that it doesn't look like a rap group but in-fact a alternative ‘emo’ style of band. Images inside the magazine have a border on them to continue my green theme and for them to stand out so it is more focused on the artist as my audience would want. A white boarder is used on my main cover to present my image better and allowing room for side information , however the title is coming out of the border and is connecting it to the image and the negative space connoting how the magazine crosses the boundary of artist to consumer. Having a fairly minimal cover in a genera that is liked to being full on and noisy challenges the conventions of the big magazines like MOJO, Q,  and Kerrang! which rely on using primarily studio lit backgrounds (which makes it look unnatural and manufactured) yet I wanted my band to seem humble and relatable, yet also fairly sleek and clean cut since it is a clam minimal cover and not a mad hodgepodge of artists . The way this was achieved by shooting outside and utilizing a graffiti wall to use as a scenic background apposed to a black studio (however it had to be peak afternoon and spread over 2 weeks to combat the problems of no lamps) and then not editing the photos that much and then arraigning a few lines of text a barcode and a title on a page in fashion which didn't look busy yet not empty and also emitting the same feel of the genera and not papering to pop this was close to the line yet was pulled of with moderate success. I think this will bode well with the audience since many of my target audience will know the struggles and quality of the photography and also identify with the cloth and the fact that it is sophisticated and readable whilst still focusing on alternative music, opposed to Kerrang! Magazine which can some times feature some what similar (very loosely similar, yet possibly appear the same to an outsider of the genera) music yet comes at it from a loud clustered aggressive angel which can please there fans of heavy metal yet my audience would be more appreciative of a calmer magazine.
Over the  course 
of creation many photos where taken and there for a myriad of drafts where produced they started of all looking different and then where fine tuned into the final designed made specifically for my audience .

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