Saturday, 18 March 2017

DRAFT ev 4

.From my research in my target audience for my Indie/Alternative music magazine I came to the conclusion that my target audience would be aged between 16 –24 and both gender male & female.  Through my research i found out allot of information about my audience and other magazines this made me keep in mind my audience all the time throughout creation so that it wouldn't only appeal to me but a actual audience this is why the cloths for the magazine where chosen and the minimalistic lay out with harsh text, I feel this age range is appropriate to target since they are most lightly to buy the magazine and have time to read it they are also more open to new music and at that age developed their own taste in music, to make sure I correctly hit the demographic of not only age but life style this would be sold in shops like pink pigeon, Rockaboom and other stores affiliated with the genera.
Since Mojo and Kerang are weekly the is a gap for a monthly magazine so there for it is priced at £4.50 which is a similar price to fader since I want a similar quality of paper and printing.
From my questionnaire during my research my target audience of  ‘young alts’ and scensters’  which are quite anti mainstream and tricky audience I found the most help full information to be:
The fact a monthly magazine is favoured  realises format this made it a higher quality and price since more information would need to be in it this made me also so think of layout especially for the double page spread to fit allot of information on it but also have images on it I took inspiration from clash for this, although it covers mainstream music it is generally read by more ‘arty’ people so this lay out would still fit mine.
I had a main genera in mined but this data consolidated in a more specific way of what bands and genera in particular, so I styled the 3 models in a similar way .
The most helpful of all of this was the magazines that my audience already read this aloud me to developed the existing conventions and make it my own yet still in a familial format that my audience would enjoy .

Secondly  an important piece of data is my target audience reaction to my title this is why it changed this helpful piece of information aloud me to sculpt  my magazine into what the audience wanted .

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