Friday, 17 March 2017

Audience Profile Reading 'Stash'

This proves my reasherch was effective since it was enjoyed by my target audiance this was achieved by using questionairs to find out about there life so I could construct my magazine around there interests and life so it would persuade them purchase my magazine. the previous research into audience through UK tribes ,channel4, was also helpful since this gave an invite to the subculture I was aiming at, my audience is a group aged 16-24 and are classified as young alts and scenesters which is a branch of Hipsterdom and differnt compaired to the maistream tribes.

                                                                    Ethan Smith; 16
                                                       Favourite band is 'MomJeans'
                                                            Shops at 'Pink Pigeon'
                                                       Favourite TV show 'Daredevil
                                                        Interests/hobbies 'Photography'

                                                                     Ben Freeman; 17
                                                    Favourite band is 'Modern Baseball'
                                                                    Shops at 'EMP'
                                                             Favourite TV show 'QI'
                                               Interests/hobbies 'writing/reading limericks'

                                                                     Kate Hurst; 17
                                                Favourite band is 'Nicole Dodllanganger'
                                                               Shops at 'Urban Outfit'
                                              Favourite TV show 'American Horror Story'
                                              Interests/hobbies 'Painting and admiring art'

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